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I am a solo traveller and I have no sponsors to support my channel or other content. I try to travel as cheaply as possible and usually live on less than $10 a day including food, travel & accommodation. If you would like to help support the continuation of my travels and content, there are several ways that you could do so. Some of the options will cost you nothing. I really appreciate any support that I receive as it will help me to continue sharing content about my experiences as I continue to travel around the world.

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel

In order to receive ad revenue from YouTube, I need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. I can then apply to receive ad revenue. If you subscribe to my channel, watch, like and comment on my videos, this can help to support my content without any financial cost to you.

Amazon Associate Links

I am an Amazon associate, this means that if you use my link to access Amazon, I will receive a referral fee from Amazon when you make a purchase. This will not cost you anything and will just enable me to get the referral cost from Amazon. I will add links here as soon as possible.

One-off payment via Bank Transfer

If you would like to send me a one-off cash payment, you can do this via an easy bank transfer to my account. If you would like to send me a bank transfer, my details are shown below:

IBAN: GB72TRWI23147064967856

One-off Payment via Paypal

If you would prefer to send a one-off donation via paypal you can use the link below:

One-off Payment via Ko-fi

Ko-fi are a service that takes no fees at all when facilitating donations. If you would like to send a one-off donation via their service you can use the link below:

Patreon Monthly Subscription

If you would like to set up a monthly subscription payment, there is a service called Patreon which helps to facilitate this kind of support. One thing to keep in mind is that Patreon is not a free service and they take a percentage of each donation.