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Week 4: Brasov and surrounding areas

Since arriving in Codlea, from the Transfagarasan, I spent a few days staying in a friends house and then checked into a hotel close to their house. We have spent the days visiting the local areas, Codlea is the town in which she lives and it has a medieval fortress with an old church inside. The town itself is surrounded by beautiful mountains which look amazing at dusk. We also visited Brasov which is close by and is a larger town, also with an old fortress and lots of history.

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In the other direction out of Codlea is a town called Rasnov, this town also has a fortress but this one was built up in the mountains which makes for some awesome views.

Yesterday we went to Bran, this town contains the castle which was the inspiration from the Dracula story. We managed to sneak in to the castle grounds without buying tickets and walked around taking pictures. Afterwards we got some food and went to try to find some geocaches. Unfortunately we didn’t find any in Bran as the clues involved too much time walking around and it was getting dark.

We came back to Codlea and found the one and only geocache in Codlea. Today we are heading back into Brasov and will try to find some of the many Geocaches in the town.