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Week 77: Tofo, Mozambique

This week has been slow and relaxed, I stayed at a lodge called Turtle Cove which is just outside of Tofo. On the 25th they did a hog roast and had a live band, the only problem was that instead of a big pig we had two small pigs. I have stayed in three different lodges this week, first there was Turtle Cove, then I moved across the road to a really nice place called Mozambeats. Mozambeats was a really nice place to stay, quite a new hotel and decorated with a retro (60’s/70’s) feel. They only had dorm beds available for two nights so I moved down into Tofo itself. Now I am staying in a place called Tofo Beach Backpackers, which is very over-priced, but I guess that is to be expected over New Years eve.

I went out on an Ocean Safari on Friday with the hopes of seeing Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. Unfortunately we didn’t find any, but we did see two different types of dolphin and did some snorkeling on a section of reef. But for £30 I would have liked to have swam with the Whale Sharks.

New Years Eve starts early here in Tofo, about 48 hours early, last night there was loud, crappy, music on all through the night, even though there was a power-cut. It’s a shame that the people with the generators have the worst music. On the 2nd I’ll be heading back down to Maputo on a local minibus and sticking around a few days before heading to Swaziland.

Happy New Years Guys!

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    ….and a happy new year to you too Tony,,,,

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