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Weeks 37 & 38: Ghana to Namibia

Week 37 started with Charlie leaving to fly to the UK while we are waiting for the bikes to be shipped to Namibia. I decided that I would go back to the Green Turtle Lodge in the West of Ghana, but when I arrived I met Bahar and a couple of English guys, they were planning to leave the Green Turtle the next day. I was planning to fly to Namibia on the Friday and so were they, so I decided to tag along, we headed to Cape coast for a few days. This is when I found out that the container ship had left without our container, so our bikes would be delayed by an extra week. This is when I decided not to fly that week, but to stay in Ghana another week, Bahar and the English guys left on Friday and this is when I met a group of Germans who were headed to Kakum National Park. The next day we headed north to Kakum and went on the canopy walk through the forest.

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From Kakum we headed to a place in Ghana I had never been before (even though I had travelled the coast around four times), the village was called Brenu, we stayed there a few days before heading back to the Green Turtle for a few more days. Then headed to another place which was new to me, Busua. We managed to stay in a hotel which was being renovated, so we stayed there for free with the Rastas who owned the place. After spending a night there I decided to head to Takoradi to book my flight to Namibia, since then everything has seemed to move very quickly, I managed to find book a flight for the next day. I spent that night in Cape Coast, then headed to Accra the next day. My flight went through Friday night so I arrived in Windhoek, Namibia at 6am on Saturday morning. Namibia is colder than I expected, but only at night. The main shock is that Windhoek doesn’t feel like Africa, everything is very European, or to be more specific, German. I should be able to collect my bike on Thursday, so I will stay here for a few days before heading to Walvis Bay.