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Week 42: Northern Namibia and Botswana

From Sepupa we headed east across the northern border of Namibia, it was on one of these sandy pistes that we met a group of Namibian motorcyclists who were on a weekend break. We decided to camp with them and found that one of them owned a garage in a town further east. We arranged to meet them after a couple of days so that we could use the garage for some repairs. So we decided to spend a night in a nearby town called Ruacana, on the way there we stopped off to visit some hippo pools. A group of local guys were having a BBQ and invited us to join them, it turned out that one of these guys was the owner of the camp site we were planning to stay in that night. We went out on the river on his speedboat and sat drinking beer and playing guitar, at the end of the evening he offered to let us stay in a luxury tent for the price of using our own.

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The next day we headed to Oshakati and met the guy who owned the garage, Charlie’s tyres were arriving the next morning so Braun (the garage owner) offered to let us stay at his house. The next morning we headed to the garage and spent a few hours doing minor repairs on the bikes before heading off on the long drive to Rundu. We camped in Rundu for a night before heading to Divindu, staying in a camp called Ngepi. We took a sunset boat ride on the river and saw some elephants and hippos. The next morning we headed into Botswana to the Okavango Delta and did a two day Mokoro safari, spending a night camping on an island in the delta, again we saw some elephants and hippos. We arranged the trip through a community group called the polers trust, they have a lodge in Saronga and the lodge had just come under new management. They were feeling very generous and let us sleep in the chalet for the price of camping. On the way back to Ngepi camp in Namibia we stopped off at a game reserve and saw more elephants.

Africa Trip

Over the next few days we will head through the Caprivi strip and cross the border into Zambia to see Victoria falls.