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First night in Amsterdam.

My first night in Amsterdam was great. After I had changed all my passwords and bought a camera I was ready to come back and check in to the hostel. I had a shower and headed out to a bar.

The first bar I went in I bought a Guinness and thought about my missing stuff, I moved on to another bar and got another Guinness. This is where I met a Polish guy who was working in Amsterdam. He walked in and sat down, asked the barman for some ‘good beer’ and three shots of vodka. The Barman poured him a Guinness and the three shots were for him, me and the Barman. The Barman refused his as he was working. I started talking to the Polish guy and told him about the missing stuff. He said that I should have the other shot. It turned out that Guinness wasn’t the good beer he had been looking for so after we had finished our drinks he moved on and I ordered another.

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While I was drinking my pint I was joined, at the bar, by a Turkish guy. We started talking and after we had finished our drinks we went out for a smoke. The rest of the night was awesome and for some reason walking around Amsterdam felt like walking round a modern equivalent of a pirate port. Groups of different people from different parts of the world, wandering around merry on their own particular choice of intoxicant. Boats moving along through the canals with loud music and people dancing. A really awesome night, walked back to the hostel after a circuit or two of the red light district.

The Turkish guy had recently been in Bratislava and recommended that I go there on a weekend. I checked my remaining places to visit and would imagine that I will be in Bratislava next weekend. The only negative point is that all the places I’m visiting will be more alive on weekends, but I don’t have the time or money to just go for a weekend out in each city. Although that would be fun.

Europe Trip

While I was out last night I thought I should get a cheap net book, so this morning I got the metro over to an electrical superstore and picked up this tiny computer. I’ll have to make sure I hide this one away in secure places.

2 thoughts on “First night in Amsterdam.”

  1. Milan says:

    Tony, let me know when you are in Slovakia, so that you can stay with our parents.

    1. Tony says:

      maybe the 22nd or 23rd {:0)

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