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I stayed in a hotel in Sibiu which meant I had to pay a little more than I was comfortable with, although it was still cheap, around 30 Euro. But to make sure I got a fair deal I really had a great breakfast. I started with a bowl of cereal, then had scrambled eggs and sausage with toast, then cold cooked meats with cucumber, toast with honey, two slices of cake-bread, a yoghurt with apricot jam, a coffee and two glasses of fruit juice. Then to really make the most of it I put two boiled eggs in my pockets to eat for lunch. I walked around Sibiu, which I had been told was the most beautiful town in Romania. I agree that it is nice but I’m not sure its really all that special.

Once I had walked around I set off for the Fagaras mountains to drive along the Transfagarasan. As I drove up the North side of the mountains I was driving through clouds but on the South side the air was clear and I had some great views across the mountains.

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I was heading for Brasov but missed my turning, by the time I realised the course correction added an extra 30 or 40 miles onto the journey. I arrived last night and will spend the next day or two here.

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