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Week 6: Vama Veche and Bulgaria

I spent most of this week camping on Vama Veche beach in South-East Romania. Vama Veche is the most fun loving beach village in Romania, with lots of freedom to enjoy yourself. Nudism, Cheap alcohol and the occasional smell of marijuana. As we were camping on the beach I was a little worried about getting robbed, I managed to find a hotel who would let me leave my motorbike and bags at their hotel for safe keeping. The beaches are full of cool people, hippie, punks, rockers, motorbike gang members and naked people.

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We camped a few meters away from the shore and spent our days swimming in the sea and enjoying the sun. In the evenings we drank cheap beers and vodka while listening to rock music in the beach bars. The bar where we spent most of our time had huge speakers on the roof playing music onto the beach, if you are on a budget you can go to the mini market behind the bar and buy your beers for half the price then sit on the beach with everyone else.

Europe Trip

This morning I left Romania after an amazing 3 weeks and headed south into Bulgaria. It felt really strange leaving Romania, I had really got used to being there, its strange making friends and getting to know places only to leave them without knowing whether you will return. I’m staying in a hostel in Varna for a night or two before heading further south to check out a wild beach called Irakli.

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