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Weeks 55 – 58: Nungwi, Dolphins and Goodbyes

This is the longest I have gone without posting here, a whole four weeks, there is quite a lot to catch up on. Most of this time has been Ramadhan so food was an issue for a while. Week 55 was spent in Nungwi, the Aston group went to stay there for four nights, we (Me, Mohammed and Sian) went up for three but rented a friends house in the village, to save money, rather than staying in a hotel. After a tiring four days relaxing on beautiful beaches we needed to unwind so we went to Kizimkazi on the Sunday to swim with dolphins again. When we arrived back in Makunduchi we met a new Zanzigap volunteer called Janet who had come to teach nursery children for around 6 weeks and was now living in the house with me and Mohammed.

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Week 56 was quite uneventful, my teaching is on hold because of the Ramadhan holidays so I spent a few days sorting out the house and catching up on my journal. Janet was disappointed to find out that all the schools are closed during her time here, so she wouldn’t be able to teach, which was the only reason she paid to come here. Another two people arrived from England on holiday, my old friend and house mate Katie, and a new friend called Michael. I visited them a few times during the week too. The Aston group left at the end of the week so I travelled into town with Mohammed, Katie and Michael to see them off. While we were there two more people arrived, one of my old school teachers and his daughter.

Week 57 was much the same as week 56. We had no teaching to do so we spent our time visiting Katie, Michael, John and Annie down at the hotel. Janet decided that she should go home early as there was nothing for her to do here, so she changed her flight to the weekend. John and Annie left towards the end of the week and the rest of us headed into town to meet Michael as he returned from his safari on the mainland. Janet left on the Saturday, Michael arrived that afternoon, Mohammed left on Sunday and Michael left on the Monday.

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Week 58 was Katie’s last week in Zanzibar so we spent three nights in Nungwi. We rented my friends house again to keep costs down and spent most of the time sunbathing, this was lucky because Katie had her purse stolen from her bag as we were travelling North to Nungwi. When we returned to Makunduchi Katie moved into the school house with me for her last couple of days, then we both headed into town for her last weekend. She got the ferry to Dar es Salaam on Sunday and I came back to Makunduchi. Now I have the house to myself until the 18th September when the next Zanzigap person will arrive. Before then I need to extend my visa, which ends at the end of the month, so that I can stay for another three months. Hopefully I can use this time to get my motorbike sold and sort out India.

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