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Week 74: Recovering, Celebrating and Changing Plans

Most of this week I felt like crap. I still had fever and headaches from the Malaria and I had pains in my teeth which I think was caused by grinding my teeth due to the pain while I slept. Luckily my condition improved a little each day and by the time it was my Birthday (Thursday) I was well enough for a trip to a nearby town. We basically went there to get some cash, but I also bought myself a pack of pork sausages as a birthday treat.

I also met a guy called Tom who is a ‘low-budget traveler’. He specialises in traveling with as little money as possible, so hitch-hiking, couch-surfing and dumpster-diving. He is a really great guy and is currently on a trip called 1000 days of summer. He has just come to Africa from Australia and was telling me about the amount of money you can make working there, the only problem is you need to be younger than 30 to get a working visa. As this week was my 29th Birthday I started to think more seriously about my route for the next year.

The way I see it, this is my last chance to work in Australia. I can fly out there in a few months time and work for as long as possible, saving money for my trip around India. This way I could potentially travel around India for a year without needing to work there, this would cut out the hassle of the work visa all together.

I am planning to spend the next week traveling south through Zomba and Blantyre into Mozambique. It means saying goodbye to Cape Maclear and Malambe Camp but I think four weeks is enough time standing still.

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