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Week 85: Settling in

I am really enjoying my time here in Perth, and this week had a great start. On Sunday evening we climbed onto the roof of the house to drink some beer and one of my housemates (Dave) jumped off of the roof onto a tarp that is hung over the sofas. We recorded it and made a video which I will share as soon as it is available online. On Monday morning I woke up and got a phone call from Dave, his friend was looking for someone to do some work. I said I was available and went off to help build a kitchen in a new restaurant. I was earning $30 an hour but there was only enough work for two days. Still very good though.

I spent the rest of the week trying to find more permanent work, but as yet I haven’t got anything confirmed. I have confirmed my place in the house though, I have now moved out of my hammock and into a tent in the back garden for $30 a week. This weekend I drove north with a few friends from the house, we went sand boarding, we tied a rope to the back of my friends 4×4 and to a body board then drove around in the sand dunes. Then we drove to the coast to camp by the beach, a really great weekend.

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