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Sleeping on Greek beaches

I’m about half way through my eighth week of travelling and I’m about half way through Greece. I have been working my way along the coast from East to West, camping on the beaches. The first few nights I managed to find a bar owner who said I could camp at his bar for free.

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Then I set off west looking for a beach and restocking my supplies in Xanthi. I have been managing to avoid paying the expensive prices for food and drink by shopping in supermarkets for the majority of my supplies. I managed to find a place to camp close to Xanthi in a town called Avdira. While looking for a place to pitch the tent I saw my first wild tortoises.

Europe Trip

The next morning I set off towards Kavala, picked up some more supplies and camped on a quiet little beach with only a few people on it. Only after I had already set up tent, eaten and was sat reading a book and relaxing on the beach, was I approached by a guy. After some very strange conversation I found out that this beach is used as a hook up point for gay guys. I politely explained how uninterested I was and then kept myself to myself. This morning I set off from that beach and am heading down to a piece of land to the South of Thessaloniki, which is kind of in the shape of a trident. I will camp around that area for two nights before I head up to Thessaloniki for my first couch-surfing experience for Friday and Saturday nights.

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