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South East Asia Content & Starting to Travel Again

Its been a long time since I updated my website or posted any new content. But I am starting to travel again so I have spent some time updating the site and adding content for my time in South East Asia.

At the moment, I am in Chile with my bicycle. I have been here for a few weeks and I will be adding updates to the blog and also some vlogs in the weeks and months to come. Unfortunately, as I was going through the airport on my way to Chile, I realised I had left my laptop charger behind. It has been shipped to me and I should be able to get it in the next few days, I hope. Until then, I have updated my website and added some content for South East Asia, which you can see here. I have also uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel which is a compilation of some of the highlights of my time in South East Asia. I’ve embedded it into my post below. But you can also see it on my YouTube channel here.

I am really looking forward to exploring South America and also getting used to making vlogs as well and blog posts again. I hope you will enjoy following along as I share my experiences.

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