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Week 8: Greece

My eighth week of travelling has come to an end and I am still in central Greece. I have been in Greece for a little over a week, slowly travelling along the coast, sleeping on the beaches. This was not just because the beaches are beautiful but also because there is a lack of cheap accommodation. Although the camp sites are very well set up with bars, cafes and plenty of people to mix with.

I have found that the most cost effective way of eating is to buy things from the supermarket, this means I have been living on croissants for breakfast with bread and pate for lunch. Evening meals are mostly pasta.

Following the coastal roads has been rewarding, especially the less popular dirt track roads. These roads are mostly used to access some old ruins along the coast but you can use them to travel from town to town. There are loads of beautiful little beaches where you can sleep if you have camping equipment.

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The last two nights I have been staying in Thessaloniki. I managed to arrange my first ever Couch Surfing experience here and it is really good. I will try to arrange more of them in the future. Yesterday evening we went down to the sea front and drank some beer next to the sea while we listened to a band who ere busking. It was a great night.

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