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Week 36: The Coast of Ghana

This week the time has flown more quickly than usual, After spending a night in Akosombo we (Me, Charlie and Matt) headed south to Ada Foah, a coastal town east of Accra. We stayed the night in a hotel there called CocoLoco, we were actually thinking of staing a few days, until we realised that the toilet wasn’t working correctly and there was no sink, then Matt woke up in the night to find small beetles crawling over his body. So we decided to leave, Matt headed into Togo, Me and Charlie had a long, hot, tiring ride to Cape Coast on local transport.

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When we arrived in Cape Coast we bumped into Parisa’s friend Bahar, we spent a few days there before heading west to Elmina, to a hotel we had visited before called the Stumble Inn. It was here that Charlie realised his flight was a day earlier than he thought, so early the next morning he headed off to Accra to get his flight to the UK. I decided to head to the most relaxing place we have been in Ghana, the Green Turtle Lodge in Akwidaa. I arrived there yesterday and bumped into Bahar again, she had met a couple of guys from England and all three of them had flights home on Friday. They were heading back east so I decided to tag along. We are now in Cape Coast again and the only productive thing I need to do is confirm my flight to Namibia. The only problem is that I just heard that our container (containing our motorbikes) was not loaded onto the ship yesterday, this will mean we will have to wait around an extra week to get the bikes. I am trying to decide whether to stay here in Ghana for some extra time or go to Namibia on Friday as planned… All in all, not an overly stressful week.

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  1. Parisa says:

    Yaaak, beetles, im happy i missed out. why is matt always meeting all insects, they seem to like him!! i would stay in ghana another week….namibia sounds too posh:) xx

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