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Week 66: Moving in

This week I decided to move into a self contained flat (two rooms, bathroom and bedroom). This will save me around 7000 kwacha ($23) a month, compared to the dorm room I was staying in before. I’ve spent most of the week hanging around with my new neighbours, Cuthbert, Ian, Jane and a couple of others.

I am still trying to sell the bike as soon as I can, it is currently advertised on the Lilongwe Chat google chat group, but I will try to ask a few more people who may be able to help me too.

Lilongwe is actually quite a nice place, there are supermarkets so I can get cheese and pork, which I had been craving while I was in Zanzibar. I now know that there is a more expensive lodge, across the road from my lodge, which has internet access which I case use for free, in 5 minute blocks. So I might be on-line a little more often this week.

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