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Weeks 130-132: Working and Booking my Flight

Three weeks ago I decided to have one last try to get some work here in Melbourne, I made a new, simplified CV which concentrated on my work in bars and restaurants and also included a picture. After spending a few hours walking through the main areas for bars and restaurants, the last place I took a CV to was a bar close to where I am staying in St Kilda. The next day they called me in for a trial and I got a job. The following week was great, I worked full time and did over 40 hours in the week. At the end of the week I had made about $750, I walked home happy, hoping that I would have the same amount of hours for my last few weeks in Australia. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. This week I am only working part time shifts, to cover the Australia Day weekend. This meant I had some time to kill during the week, so I have put together my compilation video for the trip through Australia, which you can view below or on my YouTube channel.

CLICK HERE! to play the Australia 2013-14 compilation video!

I have also spent some time getting some of the last bits of equipment that I will take with me, hopefully I’ll be adding a page which details my equipment some time in the next week. I have also booked my flight out of Australia. I have changed my plan a little, instead of flying to East Timor I will fly to Bali and start my journey through Asia from there. This is because of the price of the flights to East Timor and also because Air Asia is much easier to arrange the transportation of sporting equipment (my bicycle) while you fly. So in two weeks (9th February) I will fly from Melbourne to Bali to begin my cycling journey. I cant wait!


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  1. Dung says:

    Have a great trip Tony, I believe you’ll make it :). Can’t wait to follow your trip as well. Update more photos and videos please 🙂

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