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Amsterdam to Prague

Ok, so I left Amsterdam a couple of days ago and drove through Germany. I went almost the whole way using the autobahn system. Really great riding, the roads are wide with really gentle curves lined with, what I thought were, Red Oak trees. I drove out near to Hanover and turned off into the countryside and found a field to camp in.

Europe Trip

Yesterday I got back on the autobahn and set off towards Berlin. I travelled around Berlin a bit, took some pictures and then set off south towards Czech Republic. Just before the border I turned off into some more fields to find a camping spot.

Europe Trip

This morning I woke up to find my tent had attracted some unwanted guests, not thieves this time but slugs. There were about 30 slugs all over the tent and, although it hadn’t rained, the tent was wet on the side not facing the sun. I packed up most of my stuff and turned the wet side of the tent to face the sun. While I waited for it to dry I climbed up onto like a big highchair. I have seen these all over Germany in each field, not sure of their actual use. Once I had dried and packed everything I set off towards Prague. The roads had been really nice all the way through Germany and they improved as I got into Czech Republic. Basically the roads were the same but the Red Oak trees had been replaced with mountains, a lake and lots of nice looking villages.

Europe Trip

I just arrived in Prague, saw a hostel which advertised how cheap it was and got a room. Also they charge in Euro and I’m all out of Euro. Luckily I had 16 Euro in my pocket and they let me pay that as a discount rate. Now I’m going to get a shower, get changed and wander around the city for a while.

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  2. Milan says:

    Those high chairs are for hunting, you can see quite a lot of them near the motorways.

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