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Weeks 16 & 17: Malaga to Tavira

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t add an update last week, so this update covers both weeks. I spent about a week and a half in Malaga, staying with friends, most of the time I was researching the documents that I need to travel through Africa. We also had a Halloween party on the Saturday before Halloween, with some friends of my friends. Then on Tuesday me and Jessica headed into Malaga to see some of the city and visit the castle.

Europe Trip

Now that I have done all the research I need, so far, I have left some of my baggage in Malaga and headed off to explore Portugal and Spain for a few weeks. Firstly I headed to Sevilla, a nice ride but the weather was horrible, rain, wind and hail. By the time I arrived in Sevilla the weather had improved and I headed to the house of my couch surfing host. The two days I spent in Sevilla were nice and also unique, the first day we headed out for drinks in a square called san salvador, then on the second day we went to a political rally.

I left Sevilla this morning and drove over into Portugal, I am staying in a hostel in a town called Tavira. It seems nice but I haven’t had much chance to explore yet.

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  1. David Bany says:

    Happy Birthday Tony! How’s the Transalp holding up?

    1. Tony says:

      Hey Dave, thanks for the birthday message. The Transalp is holding up fine so far, hope it lasts. hehe

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