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Week 18: Portugal

I have spent this week travelling north through Portugal, firstly I left Tavira and headed to Lagos. Lagos is a nice coastal town, which was quiet because of the time of year, the weather was awesome so I wandered around the town in the day and headed to a pub for some Guinness in the evening. From Lagos I headed along the coast to see a fort in Sagres, on the south western corner of the country before I headed north up the coast to a small village called Almograve. The village was nice but extremely quiet because it wasn’t tourist season, but when it’s the correct season the village is really popular with surfers.

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From Almograve I headed further north to Lisbon, where I couch surfed with a couple of girls in the city centre. They had a really cool flat in a cool, busy area of town. The flat was cool but the electricity was cut off, I really didn’t mind, it actually made it cooler, we were sat around talking and eating by candle light. The next day I explored the city then headed back to the flat as the girls would be back from uni and work. We then headed out to meet some of their friends and ended up sat in the street drinking a traditional cherry liqueur and smoking hash, an awesome night.

Europe Trip

After spending a few days in Lisbon I headed even further north, to Porto, I was couch surfing again, this time with someone who has been involved with couch surfing for years. We had a great time eating and drinking red wine while exchanging travel stories, but we took a walk around Porto during the day time on Saturday. Porto is a really nice city, the kind of place I would enjoy spending a few months living in, preferably in the summer.

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Today I left Porto and drove through the Douro valley, it was a really enjoyable ride, beautiful views and the weather was nice for most of the journey. Tonight I’m staying in a hostel in Vila Nova de Foz Coa, then in the morning I’m heading back into Spain, to Salamanca. Hopefully the weather wont be too bad.

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