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Weeks 92, 93, 94 & 95: Working… a lot.

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog, this is mostly because I haven’t been doing anything particularly interesting. I have been flying around Western Australia upgrading the computers in the Department of Water offices. It has been quite nice to see a few different towns, especially as it gives me a chance to take a look at places that I can visit when I start to travel north.

Last week I found out that the project I am contracted for will finish after another week. Which was good because I am starting to get a little fed up of not moving around, but also a bad thing, because I have been spending the money I have been making as soon as I get it. I worked out that if I stop buying things, then I should have around $3000 to travel north. So I wasn’t overly worried, but then on Wednesday things changed again. Although the project has finished they have asked if I will stay on to work on another project, I agreed because its a great chance to make more money, but I still want to get on the road again as soon as possible.

Flying up north for work has shown me how much nicer the weather is up there compared to Perth, it is getting colder and wetter here. So much so that today I have had to empty my tent to clean the carpet and bedding. My tent is water proof if I prepare it, but while I was away this week it rained a lot and part of my tent leaked. When I got back I noticed it smelled damp, but last night I noticed that although my bed feels dry, when you lay on it and it compresses, it is actually quite wet. Hopefully everything will dry before I have to sleep again tonight.

I will probably continue to hold off on my updates until I start to travel again, so that I can write about something more interesting than going to work {:0)

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