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Weeks 107 & 108: Finishing work and getting ready to leave Perth

Week 107 was basically made up of me working, but I finished work on Wednesday, as it was the end of July and my contract was over. So now I am getting ready to travel north and follow the coast around Australia towards Melbourne. I have managed to find a group of people who are driving north and I can join them to split the petrol costs. It was kinda strange to leave work, I have been there for about 5 months and I really got to like the people I was working with. What is going to be stranger still, is leaving the house I have been living in. The people here are really great, the atmosphere in the house is so relaxed and friendly, it really has been a home from home, but It will be great to be on the road again, meeting new people, experiencing new places and getting some new pictures and videos to put on the website.

Africa Trip

Since I finished work I have been working on the website and I finally wrote the content for my Africa trip (Click here to take a look). Now I need to sort through my video clips and start uploading things to Youtube.

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